Southwest Tenerife, Canary Islands

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, which are located off the coast of Southern Morocco. This island also has the highest mountain in Spain at about 12.000 feet.

Due to its southern location, the Canary Islands have a mild climate during the whole year – making it the warmest place in Europe in the winter and one of the main reasons why I chose this place.

Another reason is that there are a lot of expats who speak “my” languages. There are many British, Germans and Russians living here, in addition to the millions of mostly European tourists who come to these islands every year.

I have been on Tenerife for several days now and I like it more than Gran Canaria. I’m not even sure exactly why – it seems more classy, cosmopolitan, easier to navigate. I really like the slopes towards the ocean which give a nice view of the ocean almost no matter where you are. Gran Canaria didn’t have that.

Currently I am staying in Playa San Juan on the Southwest coast of Tenerife:

hni_0041 hni_0043

However, the place where I would prefer to stay is called Adeje and is located just a little further south:

Adeje Tenerife Adeje Tenerife 2

The views from there are actually nicer than right at the coast and it is close to the main highway that goes around the island.

hni_0049 hni_0050 hni_0051 hni_0052

Even the touristy areas further south on Tenerife seemed nicer than the ones on Gran Canaria. Interestingly, the most popular place is called Playa de las Americas – considering that I just moved here from the US and my last street there was Avenida de las Americas.

Though that name also makes sense because beyond Playa de las Americas on the Southwest coast of Tenerife there is only the ocean separating it from America.

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