Western Australia road trip along the coast

Highly recommended! I got myself a caravan from Lucky Rentals which was pretty cheap at about $50 per day. Since the gas has been also pretty cheap lately, I decided to do a car trip through Australia which I wanted to do for quite some time.

It was early fall in Australia (March), so the temperatures were still high during the day (about 30-35 degrees Celsius). In the Perth area the nights were somewhat cool at about 20 degrees, but up North the nighttime was exactly right to sleep in the caravan: about 23 to 25 degrees.


Sunset about 200 km North of Perth


Beautiful scenery on the Indian Ocean coast


The first stop for the night on the ocean coast


The full moon over the ocean


The Pink Lake about 500 km North of Perth – yes, it is pink


Drive North long the coast of Western Australia


One of the beaches at Exmouth, where I spent several days


Sunset close to Exmouth, Western Australia


The Turquoise Bay – one of the best beaches in Australia and pretty remote


The car I was traveling in


A lighthouse close to Exmouth – behind it is the closest point to Bali in Australia


Afternoon at Coral Beach about 150 km south of Exmouth


Coral Beach – would be hit by a Cyclone just a couple days later


Rainbow over the road on the way back


3000 km drive in Australia


A satellite tracking station from the Apollo era and space museum in Carnarvon – a small town in Western Australia

On the way back I learned that there was a Cyclone coming from the North. So I drove south a couple days sooner and always stayed ahead of the Cyclone Olwyn. When it reached me in Northern Perth it had lessened in power to only a thunderstorm.

However, the Northern communities that I had visited just a few days earlier were badly hit. Some people said it was the worst Cyclone they had in decades.

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  1. Karen says:

    I love your travel blog Paul Eric! Absolutely stunning photos. I am so glad you stayed ahead of the cyclone. I look forward to your next post about more adventures 🙂

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