Alburquerque in Spain: The “original”

Since I live close to Albuquerque in New Mexico, I was also curious about the original Alburquerque in Spain (it is still spelled with an ‘r’). The Spanish Alburquerque is located close to Portugal, not far from Lisbon.

It looks similar to Mexican towns, with one big difference: there is an old castle on top of the town.


The castle in Alburquerque, Spain


A typical street in Alburquerque


What the landscape looks like outside of town


The countryside around Alburquerque in Spain


The castle in Alburquerque


Oranges growing on the trees in winter in Alburquerque

I was told that they get many visitors from Albuquerque in New Mexico. Compared to this small town, the New Mexican Albuquerque is a huge city.

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