Serendipity at airports

It can be quite amazing what kind of people you meet at airports.

At the Cancun airport I met a young Ukrainian woman. We both spoke Russian, we both had almost the same first name, we both had the flight to Mexico city and we both would wait at the airport overnight until about 6 am. How is that for some interesting coincidences? Needless to say the time passed much quicker this way…

Then at L.A. airport, my next stop on the way to Australia, I met a couple from Alaska who also had almost the same first names (Mike and Michelle). Turns out that we would also fly on the same plane to Fiji, before getting different connecting flight there. They went to Vanuatu for six weeks, while my next stop would be Sydney.

Our wait at the LAX airport was almost nine hours during the day, but also passed by much quicker as we sat on a couch in an airport restaurant and talked about many things. It was a nice connection.

In these two days I may have talked more than ever – comparable to a long Russian or German meetup each day.

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